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Hong Kong VPS


  • Virtualization: OpenVZ
  • CPU Cores: 1
  • Disk Space: 40GB
  • Guaranteed RAM: 1GB
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
  • Dedicated IP Address: 1
  • Monthly Price: RMB188 | $28
  • Yearly Price: RMB1880 | $280


  • Virtualization: OpenVZ
  • CPU Cores: 2
  • Disk Space: 80GB
  • Guaranteed RAM: 2GB
  • Bandwidth: 250GB
  • Dedicated IP Address: 1
  • Monthly Price: RMB388 | $57
  • Yearly Price: RMB3,880 | $570


  • Virtualization: Cloud
  • CPU Cores: 2
  • Disk Space: 160GB
  • Guaranteed RAM: 4GB
  • Bandwidth: 5Mbps
  • Dedicated IP Address: 1
  • Monthly Price: RMB688 | $101
  • Yearly Price: RMB6,880 | $1,010


  • Virtualization: Cloud
  • CPU Cores: 4
  • Disk Space: 320GB
  • Guaranteed RAM: 8GB
  • Bandwidth: 5Mbps
  • Dedicated IP Address: 1
  • Monthly Price: RMB988 | $145
  • Yearly Price: RM9,880 | $1,450

General Information:

Built upon our leading position for mainland China VPS, SinoHosting.net is now offering virtual private servers on Hong Kong servers.

At the contrary of mainland China, there are no ICP requirements on Hong Kong VPS. VPS systems in Hong Kong are therefore the best option available for companies without a business presence in mainland China (necessary to apply for the ICP license) but who wants exposure to that key market.

Hong Kong VPS are also more competitive in price although bandwidth is relatively smaller when compared to US or even mainland China servers. If you outgrow your Hong Kong VPS, you can always upgrade to a Hong Kong dedicated server with us.

If no special requirements, activation will be completed within 24h after payment is received. A one time setup fee of RMB100 applies to all orders with monthly payment.

We offer CentOS, Fedora, OpenSuse, Ubuntu and Windows server 2016 (English and Chinese versions) Virtual Private Servers in Hong Kong.

Standard Features:

Additional Options:

One Click Installation of Website Management Tools