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Hosted Exchange Email

Please note that we do not accept new clients for this service anymore.

Our hosted exchange email service provides you with corporate-class email hosting solutions at small business prices. Hosted exchange email helps you free up capital, IT resources and other valuable resources.

Please note that the servers and support for our hosted exchange email services are US-based.

Personal Mailbox Group Plan
2GB disk space
1 mail box
Microsoft Outlook 2007
20GB disk space
mail boxes
Sharepoint Intranet
Microsoft Outlook 2007
RMB800/Year RMB7,500/year

General Features:

Access your mail through Microsoft Outlook, anytime, anywhere.

Up to 5,000 emails per day

Unlimited contacts and distribution lists

Runs on exchange server 2007

Fast, reliable connections with 99.9% guaranteed uptime

Enhanced collaboration for you or your business with shared calendars, contacts, task management and scheduling

Timely, FREE upgrades and security patches.

Built-in redundancy for peak performance and availability, with 99.9% uptime

Optimized server, network and infrastructure security features.

Strong spam and virus protection